Does the CCFCC sponsor retreats or getaways?
No. We host retreats and events but we do not offer sponsored retreats.
What amenities are provided in each CCFC lodging room?
Information on our lodging rooms and amenities can be found here.
Are cell phones allowed on the grounds of Life Enrichment Retreat Center?
Yes! We get great cell phone reception from all major carriers.
Is there Internet access on the grounds of Life Enrichment Retreat Center?
Yes! All of our common areas and meeting facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi.
What kinds of groups come to CCFC? 
The Life Enrichment Center serves a variety of groups, from small groups and Sunday School classes, to entire churches and statewide events from many different religious groups and nonprofits.
Can I set up an appointment to tour theCCFC?
Absolutely! Just contact us and we will arrange your tour.
Can we bring a day group and eat meals without spending the night?
Yes! Contact us for day event pricing.
Is a deposit required?
We do require all groups to pay a deposit at the time of booking.
Are there accessible rooms?
Yes! There are a few rooms in each of our buildings that include roll-in showers and wider doorways. Let us know when booking if you will need an accessible room.
Can we do our own cooking?
No, we do not have facilities for groups to cook for themselves. You are welcome to bring your own snacks.
Is there a swimming pool?
We do not have a pool.
What activities can be planned at CCFC?
There are many activities that can happen as part of your event or during free time.
Have a question we didn’t answer? No problem! Email us at ccfcdal@cathdal.org.


Special Event Insurance

Our Policy: Insurance Coverage

Any Outside Organization and/or individual utilizing an Entity facility for any reason or any parishioners or employees utilizing Entity facilities (for events and activities not sponsored by the Entity) that already maintain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance must provide a “Certificate of Insurance” with the following minimum limits of insurance:

Whenever food and / or alcohol are served or any other hazardous activities deemed applicable by the Diocese Director of Risk Management: $1,000,000 per occurrence and coverage applicable to the event.

For all other events: $500,000 per occurrence and coverage applicable to the event.

The certificate needs to state in the Description of Operations section that there is an endorsement to the policy naming “The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas” and the specific Entity as “Additional Insured”, and that the coverage available under the policy is primary over any other coverage available.

Entities also need to ensure that the coverage listed on the certificate covers all aspects of the event and activities.

Note: Some General Liability Policies may “exclude” coverage for alcohol service. If the event or activity involves serving alcohol, the insurance policy needs to cover this type of activity. To ensure that this specific area is properly covered under their insurance, Entities should request that the certificate of insurance specify that “Liquor Liability” and/or “Host Liquor Liability” is covered under the General Liability Policy. See separate Diocesan Alcohol Use Policy. Policy on Use of Entity Facilities September 2011 Page 3 of 3

If the Outside Organization and/or individual utilizing the Entity facility or any parishioners or employees utilizing the Entity facility for events and activities not sponsored by the Entity do not maintain General Liability Insurance Coverage as set forth above, or if the coverage is insufficient in amount or scope of coverage, they will be required to purchase Special Events Insurance.

If the Outside Organization and/or individual utilizing an Entity facility for any reason or any parishioners or employees utilizing Entity facilities for non-parish / school / diocesan sponsored events and activities utilize any third parties for catering, food service, alcohol service (where allowed), or any other services, the third party must provide the Entity with a certificate of insurance similarly listing the Diocese and Parish as “Additional Insured”.

Where to get Special Events Insurance

American Specialty (https://americanspecialtyexpress.com/)

RVNA/Fireman’s Fund (http://www.specialeventinsurance.com/)

Markel Insurance (https://www.markelinsurance.com/event)

K&K Insurance (https://www.kandkinsurance.com)



Retreat Leader’s Guide

“Growing in Faith and Community”

Dear Retreat Leader,

Thank you for choosing CCFC as your retreat venue. On behalf of the entire team here at the Catholic Conference Center, WELCOME!

As a means of information and for the mutual protection of both your group and our Center, the following Leader’s Guide has been prepared. Please read it carefully prior to your arrival at the CCFC and share it with your invitees.

During your stay, either the Director or the CCFC Administrative Assistant will normally serve as your Guest Service Manager – your resource person while on site. It is our desire to make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible as you enter into a prayerful atmosphere.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you in whatever way possible.

CCFC General Rules:

Here are a few things to know to make your stay safer and more enjoyable. This information needs to be shared with all of your group’s participants either beforehand or at the beginning of your stay.

  •  Parking is allowed only in designated areas.
  •  The maintenance shop, kitchen, and private rooms are off limits to guests.
  •  Pets are not allowed.
  •  Firearms or explosives are not allowed.
  •  Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. These areas include the back patio of the Cana conference room, the back patio of the Nazareth and Jericho conference rooms, outside the houses, and within your private vehicle. Please use sand buckets to dispose of cigarette butts, no littering please. There is no smoking inside any of the CCFC’s buildings. Please do not throw chewing gum on the floor since it is very difficult to remove.
  • Guests need to be respectful of the grounds and buildings. Please assist us by removing any litter or debris you may find. Please return facilities to their original condition before you leave.
  • Guests are asked not to cut or destroy plants or trees. Some of CCFC’s plants can be dangerous (poison ivy), enjoy them from a distance.
  • Please use only rooms and areas reserved for your group and at the time scheduled.
  • Furniture or fixtures may not be moved from one area to another or from one building to another. Moving equipment or furniture from one building to another should be done only with the consent of the Center’s Director or Guest Services Manager. If outdoor furniture is moved, please return it to the where it was taken.
  • Please do not rearrange the furnishings in either the chapel or the dining area. These areas are not for the exclusive use of any group and may be changed only with the specific approval of the Center’s Director.
  • No signs are to be placed in common areas: dining room, corridors, chapel, etc. Signs may be placed in your meeting area only with blue painters tape. Do not use scotch tape, nails or tacks. If signage needs to be placed in these areas, please ask for approval.
  • Only the regular center kitchen staff personnel are permitted to prepare meals in the kitchen for service in the dining room. We regret that we cannot permit outside cooks or caterers to use the kitchen and/or dining room facilities.
  • No alcoholic beverages without prior approval.

Gate. The main gate is open during the week from 7am-2pm and during a 2 hour period for the arrival of the retreatants. Then it is locked for the night unless prior arrangements are made. The retreat coordinator/leader will have an access code during the duration of the event to share it with the team.

Houses (Casas). All Casas kitchens are equipped with a coffee maker, a microwave and a refrigerator for you to use but cooking in the range is not allowed.

Casa locks. Codes will be provided prior or upon your arrival to the Center. Please lock your car and do not leave valuables in your car.

If air conditioner, heater, or any other appliance is not working property, please do not attempt to fix it yourself. Please report any damages or needed repairs to the Director or the CCFC office. Emergency repairs can be reported directly to the Director at (972) 795-3799.

When you leave, please be sure the A/C is turned off, all lights are off, all water is turned off, and all outside doors are closed. Trash may be taken to the dumpster located in the parking lot behind Jericho building.

Used linens and towels should be placed in the baskets located in the common area of each casa.

Center Policies for youth groups. Your group is responsible for its own health, safety and first aid and for its own accident and injury insurance for its members. Adult supervision is required for youth at all times during your retreat, regardless of the activity. This supervision is your responsibility. Please provide for one adult for each seven youth. This includes your ‘free time’ as well.

Other groups on the Center. There are usually other groups on the center during your retreat. Every group will be assured a separate, private meeting area. Please be aware of the impact your group may have on others using the center and be a good neighbor. RLGV0316

Multiple groups may be served meals in the dining room during the same meal times. Please be respectful of others sharing the same facility.

What to bring. CCFC will provide all appropriate linens, bedding, and towels for your stay unless otherwise arranged. You will want to bring toiletries, any personal items and clothing you may need. During spring and Summer time there are ants on the ground, please avoid using open shoes.

We will provide drinking water in the dining room and inside the main building but it is recommended that all groups bring their own bottled water.

Guadalupe Chapel. Our Chapel is an intimate place for spiritual reflection and prayer, it is located inside the Jerusalem building and sits 15 people and doors will be open upon request. Mass items are available to offer mass in the conference rooms.

Santa Fe Bookstore. Our bookstore Santa Fe will be open upon request for the purchase of books, cards or mementos. We use an honor system and we only accept cash and checks.

Conference & meeting rooms. Our small meetings rooms are located inside the Jerusalem building. I f A/V, whiteboard, flip charts and markers are required; please let us know in advance. Items are available on a ‘first come-first served’ basis.

Restrooms. Restrooms are located in the main building in the hall across from the bookstore, one across Bishops’ meeting room, and two that can be entered from the patio outside the dining room.

Meals. Delicious meals are prepared on site by our cook staff and served cafeteria style. Because of our need to pre-plan, groups will be charged for the actual number of people in attendance plus the cost of the meals of those who did not attend but for whom reservations were made. The number of people you reserve space for can be changed up to five days before your arrival date. Special dietary needs can be met with prior notice. Service times for meals in the Dining Room will be determined according to the Center’s schedule. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Activities. There are thirteen acres for outdoor activity and ample room for privacy and meditation.

Directions to the CCFC. The CCFC is located in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, and is reached by taking Interstate 35-E South from Downtown Dallas to the Zang Boulevard exit. Continue straight ahead on W Yarmouth St. and drive one block. The Center can be seen from the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. Drive one block straight ahead. RLGV0316

Coming from Duncanville, take I-35 E. North to Beckley-Zang Exit, turn left on S. Zang to W Yarmouth. Drive one block to the Center.

If there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, please let us know. We are here to help.

CCFC Staff

Visiting Speaker Requirements

In order to maintain our commitment to provide safe environments for the people we serve and to ensure that authentic Catholic teachings and tradition are respected, all pastors and leaders of organizations must adhere to the Diocesan policy on guest presenters.

All lay presenters (individuals, musicians, groups, etc.) that come from outside the Diocese of Dallas and are invited to speak on issues of Catholic doctrine, tradition, ritual, etc., must present a current (within six weeks of the event) letter of suitability from their pastor or Bishop. That document should be sent to the Safe Environment Office, along with the topic they will address, and date of event, prior to the event. If they are conducting a retreat or similar event for children or youth, they must also provide proof that they have a cleared criminal background check.

All clergy or religious that come from outside the Diocese of Dallas to speak must present a current (within six weeks of the event) affidavit of suitability from their Bishop or religious superior. That document should be sent to the Safe Environment Office, along with the topic and date of the event, prior to coming. If they are conducting a mission, retreat or similar event for children or youth, they must also provide proof that they have a cleared criminal background check.

These documents will be maintained on file and in the speakers’ database at the Diocesan Pastoral Center.

The parish or school (entity) should execute a Performer / Presenter Agreement with any visiting speaker. If clergy, religious or lay presenters have written material or CD’s to sell, the seller would collect and keep his/her own funds. Presenters or performers are responsible for collecting and remitting any sales tax as appropriate.