The Catholic Conference and Formation Center (CCFC) announced a name change to Saint Raphael Retreat Center (the Retreat Center). The organization is undergoing an extensive rebranding effort in response to community needs assessment and renewal of its pastoral mission. At the heart of this rebranding are the company name change to Saint Raphael Retreat Center and an update to the company logo, tagline, vision statement, and all collateral materials. Launched will be new programs and special events for community building.

Connecting People to God and Each Other

Of Hebrew origin, Raphael’s name means “God Has Healed” or “Medicine of God.” In the Old Testament Book of Tobit, Raphael plays a prominent role as a guide, messenger, and facilitator for healing. Archangel Raphael serves as the patron of healing, happy meetings, travelers, the blind, nurses, physicians, medical workers, Christian marriage, and Catholic study.

OUR PURPOSE: Our purpose is to facilitate the ideal conference, retreat and formation experience through gracious hospitality, exceptional service, restful lodging, and purposeful programs.

OUR VISION: To extend hospitality and service to individuals and groups in a welcoming place for reflection, hope and healing. To provide opportunities to connect people to God and each other, inspiring personal growth, spiritual enrichment, servant leadership, and the desire to live out God’s purpose.