What we offer

The peaceful atmosphere of the CCFC is particularly attractive for groups willing to host their meetings and retreats in this nestled serene setting. The purpose of the CCFC is to provide a warm and inviting environment for those who seek growth in their faith and relationships. All faith expressions are welcome.

Sponsored Programs

The CCFC is proud to announce our Archangels Retreat Series. For information please contact us @ bdebastiani@cathdal.org or call @ 214.943.6585 X 105

Private & Directed Retreats

We are not open for private retreats. Please keep visiting our website for updates.

Catering Services

The CCFC opened its Catering Division in 2018 with the purpose of serving the Diocese of Dallas various departments, parishes and schools. Our food has been recognized by hundreds of guests attending retreats and events at our Center. Now we take this great food to your parish or school. Whether you are looking for a lunch for a meeting or a buffet style serving for a special celebration, feel happy to know that your event will be served by one of your own ministries. To book your Catering, please email ccfcdal@cathdal.org or call @ 214.943.6585 x 105